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Research interests

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Research interests

My research interests are in the general area of social informatics, and in the use of ICT in civil society. Over recent years I have been particularly interested in the use if ICT in trade unions, for example in organising, education and campaigning and have recently been involved in a number of projects in the area ICTs and trade union education.

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Current Projects Practical Design for Social Action (PRADSA) Co-investigator (with Andy Dearden & Ann Light, (Sheffield Hallam); Wendy Olphert (Univ. of Loughborough; Nick Plant (UWE) and Leonie Ranondt (Anglia Polytechnic Univ) of this follow-on project to Technology and Social Action, which seeks better to understand and to contribute to more effective digital design practices in civil society organisations. Supported by the EPSRC/AHRC Design for the 21st Century programme. Other recent projects have included:

  • Technology and Social Action: Co-investigator, with Dr. Andy Dearden (Principal Investigator, Sheffield Hallam Univ.), Dr. Leon Watts (Univ. of Bath) and Prof. Mike Press (Robert Gordon Univ.) in the Technology & Social Action project, supported by the EPSRC/AHRC Design for the 21st Century programme.
  • TRACE (2004-2006): Trade Unions Anticipating Change in Europe: Responsible, with the help of Pip Trevorrow and Prof. Miguel Martinez-Lucio (now of Univ. of Manchester) for the project led by the ETUI-REHS (formerly the European Trade Union College) and supported by the European Commission’s European Social Fund
  • Dialog On (2001-2004): Social Dialog using Information Society Tools

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December 8, 2007 at 3:25 pm

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