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Digital storytelling and participatory video

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At last week’s Global Labour Institute Summer School in Barnsley, I mentioned digital storytelling and participatory video as ways in which otherwise untold stories can be told, and collective organising facilitated/documented. This is not my field, but with the help of Chris High, Clodagh Miskelly and Sarah Copeland, here are some links that might be useful in thinking about how this might be used by summer school participants and their organisations.

Firstly, an example of a digital story – “Who’s your boss” – by Maxine, an organiser with the Erotic Services Providers’ Union in California. Secondly, in  ‘Quadian‘ a young man in the US tells of his thoughts about a town in Pakistan where he grew up. These types of personal stories are, I think, usually the product of workshops at which people learn to use the technology to articulate their stories.

Participatory video seems to be more about communities or groups of people collaborating to articulate a story, often as part of a campaign. Here, a British group ‘Insightshare’ explain how they use  participatory video. Here, a small group of villagers from Melandi, Rajshahi province, Bangladesh explain a community fish project.

Update: I missed a response to my tweet asking for example pointing me at some digital stories posted on YouTube by members of the US union SEIU, I think following the set up of a digital storytelling centre with a union Local in Chicago. Type ‘SEIU digital storytelling’ in your favourite search engine to find examples.

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July 16, 2012 at 11:03 am

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  1. You might also find this blog useful for your collaborative community work
    Community Media – Interactive World:
    What is Community Film ?

    Ian McCormick

    July 17, 2012 at 12:14 pm

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