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80% of UK HE students don’t think lecturers’ ICT skills are inadequate

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A couple of days ago, a tweet “UK students call for better ICT-trained lecturers” did the rounds on the #altc2010 tag, linked to this article: at Checkpoint learning, reporting on a presentation at the recent ALT-C conference. According to the article, marginally less than 50% of students reported that they saw their lecturers’ ICT skills as adequate, and just 21% said they should receive more training. At the time I tweeted that 80%, we might infer, did not think lecturers needed more training but ‘overwhelming majority of students satisfied with lecturers’ ICT skills’ is not quite such a snappy headline.

On reflection, I think this would be a story – the so-called ‘net generation’ are broadly happy with the ICT skills of their lecturers. Well done us! (Actually, I’d suggest that interested readers have a look at Chris Jones and colleagues’ recent work on the ‘net generation’ of students, where they’ll find a rather more complex picture including, for example, HE lecturer’s roles in developing the skills of the ‘digital natives’).

Without having seen the survey instrument (I haven’t looked, to be honest) the more I think about this, the more remarkable it seems. Only 21% of students thought lecturers needed more ICT training, even without consideration of alternative uses of time/resources. For example, were students asked something like “which of the following should lecturers spend more time on, and which less – a) student contact time; b) maintaining subject expertise; c) providing feedback in marking d) developing ICT skills” I’d be very surprised if ‘d’ were the most popular option.

So why the pushy headlines about the need for technology training? My guess is that it’s case of a rather dated technology-fix approach to the impending financial problems confronting universities. The surprise is that it’s coming from the NUS.


Written by Steve

September 29, 2010 at 7:53 pm

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