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Networked Learning 2010

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Networked Learning has just finished. Some excellent sessions – I particularly enjoyed an opening ‘fishbowl’ discussion between Yrjo Engestrom & Entienne Wenger, liveblogged by several people (shouldn’t be too difficult google). Chris Jones’ symposium critiquing the ‘digital native’ rhetoric was particularly effective and timely.
Our session seemed to go pretty well. There was a good turnout – Matt Allen liveblogged it at:, at least until his battery died. This was quite an accomplishment given the near-zero bandwidth, infinite latency which has been a characteristic of the hotel wifi. Also, there were some comments at the OU Cloudworks site.Chairing a session while knowing it was being tweeted, but unable to see the comments was somewhat unnerving, but fortunately the comments generally seemed pretty positive, though Frances Bell was misquoted about connectivism (though some might well agree with the misquote!) in a tweet which found its way to one of the movement’s leading lights.

Certainly the discussion in our symposium raised some issues and food for thought for me about ‘where next’ with some of the ideas we presented, and how to present complexity to policy makers in ways they can grasp.


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May 4, 2010 at 5:25 pm

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