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Networked Learning 2010 Symposium: sociotechnical theories & learning technologies

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Linda Creanor and I are organising a symposium at  Networked Learning 2010,  The symposium is comprised of papers from my OU Dept. of Communication and Systems colleagues Chris Bissell and Karen Kear, and Frances Bell (Uni. of Salford), as well as Linda’s  & mine.   Our central proposition is that much learning technology research ignores the large and diverse range sociotechnical theories from technology studies and information systems (for a fuller account see the  symposium outline).  As a result much learning technology research implicitly adopts a rather technologically determinist stance.  One consequence of this is a tendency to over-generalisation along the lines of  ‘x worked really well in my study/teaching, so I recommend it as best practice’, and the subsequent frustration when methods don’t work so well in other contexts.

I’ll post links to the individual papers when they’re available on the NL 2010 web site.

Anyway, if you’re coming to Networked Learning and are interested, come along – it’d be good to see you! If you’re not going to NL 2010 and are interested, feel free to get in touch.

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February 27, 2010 at 12:59 pm

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