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Beware Carphone Warehouse….

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A little disgruntled-customer social action here… This may be old news to many, but I was surprised at quite the level of mendacity in a high street shop.

I just attempted to buy a new mobile from Carphone Warehouse in Leeds. Having identified the phone I wanted, the sales rep offered the phone free if I changed the contract to one which appeared, at least, to be rather more appropriate than my current one. After some to-ing and  fro-ing with the network provider so that I could keep my current number, I started the process of giving my bank  details. The rep said a) he wanted to be sure that he could offer me the discount he had offered me on the phone by checking with his manager; and b) he wanted to put through a small bank transaction to ‘validate’ things. I told him I wouldn’t do b) until I’d got a positive answer to a). Surprise, surprise, having theatrically disappeared for 5 minutes to ‘talk to his manager’ he couldn’t offer me that deal, but offered me another ‘better’ phone, which patently it wasn’t (at least, not for me).  At which point I left; quite how this sales rep expected me to trust a word he said after this was beyond me. His sales talk had clearly involved several statements which were at best dubious, at worst deliberate falsehoods.

So, beware the ‘offers’ from  Carphone Warehouse staff.


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June 29, 2009 at 2:11 pm

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  1. My name is Guy Stephens and I am the Online Help manager for Carphone Warehouse. I have read your post with interest and disappointment and the level of service you’ve received. I would like to apologise for what has happened. Please do feel free to email me with details of what has happened and I will have it looked into it. My email is


    June 29, 2009 at 3:12 pm

  2. CPW when they first started provided superb service but from my experiences not any more. My brand new top of the range phone broke after 6 weeks and I was directed to the local store to sort the problem out. They refused point blank to exchange who quoted 6 weeks to repair, after a long battle and other than go to court I had little option than to give in and accept repair at enourmous personal time and cost going to and from store. The phone came back dirty with severe scratching to the screen saver. Then I discovered my old SIM card was restricting the services I could use, so CPF offered me a free replacement SIM – some success I thought but next minute they email me an invoice for just under £15. Luckily the invoice was paid by CPW when the SIM arrived but they ignored my emails challenging the costs and when I tried to activate the new SIM I was told it wasnt compatible with my contract and I had to go to a store to sort it out, something I specifically didnt want to do. The only other option was to post it back and I could imagine how risky that was going to be. My advice is to buy elsewhere, but take care, CPW trade under many different names these days.


    November 4, 2009 at 10:05 am

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