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Beware Carphone Warehouse….

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A little disgruntled-customer social action here… This may be old news to many, but I was surprised at quite the level of mendacity in a high street shop.

I just attempted to buy a new mobile from Carphone Warehouse in Leeds. Having identified the phone I wanted, the sales rep offered the phone free if I changed the contract to one which appeared, at least, to be rather more appropriate than my current one. After some to-ing and  fro-ing with the network provider so that I could keep my current number, I started the process of giving my bank  details. The rep said a) he wanted to be sure that he could offer me the discount he had offered me on the phone by checking with his manager; and b) he wanted to put through a small bank transaction to ‘validate’ things. I told him I wouldn’t do b) until I’d got a positive answer to a). Surprise, surprise, having theatrically disappeared for 5 minutes to ‘talk to his manager’ he couldn’t offer me that deal, but offered me another ‘better’ phone, which patently it wasn’t (at least, not for me).  At which point I left; quite how this sales rep expected me to trust a word he said after this was beyond me. His sales talk had clearly involved several statements which were at best dubious, at worst deliberate falsehoods.

So, beware the ‘offers’ from  Carphone Warehouse staff.

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June 29, 2009 at 2:11 pm

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Digital futures: perspectives and possibilities

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On the 8th July, the Open University Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology is hosting a public talk and panel discussion with Prof. John Naughton (Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology); Dr. Adrian Woolard (BBC Norther Lab) and Shaun Fensom (Chair, Mancester Digital), at the City of Manchester Stadium. If you’d like to come, details are available at:

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June 15, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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