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Digital Britain in Yorkshire

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Yesterday evening I went to an event organised by Yorkshire Forward billed as a consultation on Carter’s Digital Britain report (according to Sam Sharps, who has been working with Carter on the report, they are still open to ideas despite the end of the formal consultation period on March 12th, but he may just have been being polite to his hosts).  Two points struck me.

The good news: the Digital Region proposal for a high-speed (25mbps) network in south Yorkshire has been approved, and while it won’t do it on its own, it may be a precursor to regeneration of the area, some of which has still not really recovered from the closure of the pits.

The bad news. YF organised their own presentation around the structure of Carter’s interim report. They talked about the digital infrastructure (the Digital Region and other work they’ve been doing) and their support for digital content (the term is a useful one to engineers, but when used by politiciams always seems to obscure the important discussions). They had nothing, literally, to say about ‘access and fairness’ (to use their own term in the powerpoint) or about skills/education.


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April 24, 2009 at 8:28 am

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